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English Language Assessment Service


WHY? Good English is no longer just for the academics ... we all need it if we are going to get ahead in an increasingly competitive and information driven culture. The way you speak, read and write English - the way you communicate can mean the difference between success and failure.

We can assess your English language level and suggest a study plan to greatly improve your communication skills.

Full English Language Assessment graded by an expert English4Today Personal Tutor.

Assessment includes:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary and usage
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Spoken English

Certified Assessment of English supplied at the end.

ONLY $25.00 USD

WHO USES OUR TESTS? Our assessments are used by employers and corporations who need to know their employees language levels, by learners of English as a seond language keen to improve their knowledge, by students who need to improve study skills and writing skills, and by hundreds of individuals who want to improve the way they relate to the rest of the world through that very powerful medium ... language.

WHAT ARE THE TESTS? There are two groups of tests designed for specific user groups:
  • Assessments for native English speakers
  • Assessments for speakers of English as a second language (ESL)

WHAT IS TESTED? Both groups of tests assess the main language areas: grammar, vocabulary and usage, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written English and conversational and spoken English.

HOW DO I DO THE TESTS? The tests are carried out online. You can do most of the tests when you wish. A time will be arranged with you for the spoken and conversation section. The conversation and spoken English section is by telephone or skype and is conducted by one of our trained Personal Tutors.

Do I need any special equipment? You need a computer or access to a computer with a sound card for the listening and an Internet connection. You can choose to have the spoken section using skype or a landline - we will cover all charges to any landline anywhere in the world. You also need a valid email address so that we can send you the results and your assessment.

WHO ASSESSES MY TEST RESULTS? A trained English language expert, one of our Personal Tutors, will assess your tests and provide an extensive written report for you which will include a study plan and further recommendations.

Do I receive a certificate? We provide you with a numbered 'Assessment of English Language Skills' document that you can print out and which carries the English4Today logo and contact details. This certificate can be used to show employers, colleges or schools and we are available to authenticate it against our held records should we be requested to do so.

For only $25 you can have a full, professional assessment which can be used for inclusion in CVs, to give to an employer, college, or school or to develop a learning plan to further build your communication skills in English. The assessment includes a written test as well as a personal interview with you over the telephone or Skype and a full written report prepared by one of our Personal Tutors. Look at the comparison chart below:

FREE Assessment FULL Assessment
Price Free $25.00 (USD)
Grammar 10 questions 20 questions
Vocabulary and Usage 10 questions 20 questions
Reading 1 passage 2 passages
Listening 10 short items 15 short + 1 long
Written English *
Speaking and Conversation *
Graded by computer (100%) (partially)
Graded by a Tutor
Tutors Comments
Level Indication
Total Answers Correct
Overall Percentage
Score per section
Comments per Section
Writing Corrected
Correct Answers Provided
Printable Assessment Certificate
Employer / College Reference *
Study Plan
Written English: 1 x 10 short questions + 1 x 200 word (max) essay
Spoken English: 10 minute telephone or skype (charges included) guided conversation with an English4Today Personal Tutor
Employer / College Reference We will provide a written and signed testimonial to any employer or college if contacted by them.
English Language Assessment Service





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