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Online Website (1 year's membership) + 20 One-To-One Personal Tutor Lessons + Desktop Software


The English4Today Business English course has been designed for business professionals who need to improve their business and social English skills rapidly, effectively and efficiently. The course is made up of 20 lessons (each lesson is 45 minutes) of one-to-one tutoring from a qualified English language tutor and business English professional and 40 lessons of self-paced studying. It includes 1 year's access to the English4Today Club as well as the English4Today Desktop Software Edition and a full CAELT assessment test including a 15 minute interview and report.


  • Full initial English assessment and level assessment including 15 minute interview and report
  • All materials for the Business English module
  • All other materials
  • 20 x 45 minute lessons of personal online tutoring with a trained tutor
  • 1 years access to the Online English4Today Club and learning website
  • 1 licensed copy of the English4Today Desktop Edition software
  • Certificate of Achievement on successfully completing the course


This module focuses on developing business English skills for use in a professional environment both inside and outside the company. It will focus on the specific areas outlined below and the student can also suggest areas that they would like to focus on should they have a particular requirement or area of interest. Each unit within the module will present a specific vocabulary set which will be used to extend and strengthen the participant’s vocabulary.

The course will cover the following:

  1. Social Interaction
    1. Meeting and greeting
    2. Engaging conversation and prompting
    3. Conversational techniques
  2. Telephoning Skills
  3. Effective Interaction in Meetings
  4. The Language of Negotiating
  5. Making short Presentations
  6. Talking about Products and Brands
  7. Talking about the Company
    1. Discussing Plans
    2. Strengths and Weaknesses
    3. Staff
    4. Organisation and Structure
    5. Development
    6. Market position and competition
  8. Describing trends and change
  9. Management styles: Using the right language
  10. Cultural and Difference: How culture effects the way we speak
  11. Talking about Money, Finance
  12. Schedules, Plans and Timetables
  13. Talking about national, international and global factors, economies
  14. Voice projection, pronunciation and tonality

Module ID


Module Objectives Developing business English skills for use in a professional environment both inside and outside the company. Increasing vocabulary and use of English idioms, improving grammar and conversational skills, improving pronunciation.
Course Duration (Typical) 20 weeks (5 months) assuming 1 Personal Tutor lesson per week.

Total Programme Hours


Direct Personal Tutor Lessons

20 x 45 minute lessons

Communication Method

  1. 20 x 45 minute lessons of direct Personal Tutor interaction via Skype or telephone
  2. Self-paced studying using the English4Today software and online facility + the resources outlined in the lesson plans provided by English4Today
  3. Email for return of written work
  4. Online tracking for exercises and tests complete for each online unit

Materials Provided

  1. English4Today software
  2. English4Today LinguaPlayer
  3. Access key to English4Today Online
  4. All required lesson plans, documents etc.


Intermediate or above level of English

Technical Requirements

  1. Computer with sound card and microphone and
    Optional : Windows XP, or 2000 (for desktop software)
  2. Latest version of the free Flash player
  3. Skype (free download)



Currency Course Fees
USD $ $590.00 (USD) (approx €520 or £345)
  ($29.50 per 45 minute private lesson)
Payment methods:
Payment by Mastercard or Visa via our secure online payment gateway.
If you would like to make a direct transfer to our bank please contact registrations@english4today.com

Paying Monthly:

In some circumstances we will accept monthly payments for courses. There is a surcharge when paying monthly to cover our additional payment clearance costs and administrative overheads. Please contact us for more information and pricing. registrations@english4today.com

More information required? - contact our Business English team


  • Cancellation of Personal Tutor lessons will be re-assigned to another time slot or to an extension of the course duration if English4Today receives at least 24 hours notice. If there is no provision of notice then the course will be counted as taken.
  • Cancellation of the English for Business Module:
    • Software: If the software has already been downloaded we will provide a refund of the full amount less our on-site published price of the software and the equivalent of $25 per Personal Tutor lessonused (including the Assessment Test if already taken). If the software has not been downloaded we will provide a full refund less 10% service fee + $25 for any Personal Tutor lesson used (including the Assessment Test if already taken). In the case where no Personal Tutor lessons have been used, no software downloaded and no Assessment Test has been made we will refund the total amount less 10% service charge.
    • Online Membership and Service accounts will be cancelled if the Module is cancelled by a user.
  • Tutor Obligations: English4Today Personal Tutors must provide the client with 24 hours notice if they wish to cancel or re-schedule the lesson due to illness or legitimate absence. The client can decide to request another tutor for the same time and English4Today will attempt to fulfil that request
  • Changing Your Tutor: You may request a change of Personal Tutor if you are not satisfied with the Tutor that you have. The request must be made to tutors@english4today.com at least 2 days before your next scheduled course to ensure that we can re-assign another Tutor.
  • Personal Tutors and Ongoing Tutoring: on the completion of your course if you wish to continue the Personal Tutoring you must contact English4Today and purchase a new block of Personal Tutoring lessons. Personal Tutors may not enter into private agreements with clients as this is in breach of their contractual agreement with English4Today. All administrative matters must go through our central office.
  • English4Today Course Materials and Software will be delivered to the student by download or email. If the student requires a CD-ROM copy of the materials a $15.00 USD charge will be made which includes shipping and freight charges.
  • Copyright: English4Today Course Materials and Software remain the copyright property of English4Today and the end user agrees to abide by the various EULAs governing English4Today software and materials.


  • Windows™ 95, ME, XP, 2000 or above (works best on XP)
  • Internet Explorer 6 or above required (not required as default browser but must be installed on your machine)
  • Internet connection to retrieve updates and downloads + some online activities
  • Color monitor minimum 800 x 600 screen
  • Sound card (optional)
  • linguaPlayer (pronunciation software) requires the free players QuickTime (www.apple.com) and Flash (www.adobe.com) + a microphone for recording your voice

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