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What is it?

The EduFind English Online Tests and Learning Games is part of an English language resources service (visit the resources home page) where you can work through fully interactive tests and educational games to improve your English language skills, access learning material and English language guides.

When you subscribe to our Premium Services you can also keep track of your test scores over time, gain access to many more tests and games and other services and learning software downloads.

The EduFind English Online Tests and Learning Games can be used by individuals or classes and teachers (see below).


Do I have to pay?

There is NO CHARGE for using the The EduFind English Online Tests and Learning Games public section.

Most of the tests and games listed are available for everyone to use. Only those with a are for members only. Members also have access to a wide range of other tests, exercises and English language learning services.

There are a number of optional premium services that require registration and subscription but these are offered as optional extras and do not effect the free core parts of the section.


Why can't I track my progress?

You can! You just need to sign-up for a free membership with English4Today and make sure that you are singed in before you start the test. [top]

What do I need?

To use the English4Today English Online Tests and Learning Games you will need installed on your computer:


Teachers, classes, schools and colleges

The EduFind English Online Tests and Learning Games is part of a broader set of English language resources from our partner, English4Today, which include the Online English Grammar, a Guide to Writing Good English, a Guide to English Punctuation and other related English language services. Although it is primarily designed for use by individuals working from their own computers you can als, with a few lines of code supplied by English4Today, have the resources on your own website free of charge - students can use the resources without ever having to leave your own website.

We can host also provide a class based system specifically for your school as a subscription service. You can create your own tests using it and be able to monitor the progress of your students through a Teacher Admin Section.

For more information contact info@english4today.com


Can I use the tests off-line?

The EduFind English Online Tests and Learning Games is run using a system of online databases, Macromedia Flash and querying language that requires the presence of Internet servers. It would not be possible to run the test system on a stand alone computer.

However, English4Today offers a range of downloadable software which would suit your purposes. The software is available via credit card purchase over the Internet. For more information visit the English4Today website.


Do I have Flash?

Flash is a small browser plugin that allows us to design interactive tests for you to use. Over 90% of browsers now have it incorporated so it is more than likely that you have it as well. However, for most of our tests and games you will need Version 7 or above of the Flsh player.

If the games and tests do not work properly (e.g. if no questions appear) go to http://www.adobe.com and download the latest Flash Player - it only takes a couple of minutes to download and install.

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